My favorite shirt!

Is it wrong to post the Jaw’s theme song?
This is such a comfy sweater i get compliments on it wherever I go! One man said he liked it then ask me  to turn around so his wife could see. Granted that was kind of awkward compliments are always wonderful! Right? This hidden treasure was at Forever 21 (see link below photo.) I hope you all enjoy this post cause I sure do!

This is my all time favorite shirt! Although i have had a few problems with the studs in the washer it's simple enough to get fabric glue and glue them right back on!

Sweater found on:



A little bit about me and my style

Hi! I’m glad you came across my lovely little blog! So let’s get to it. I’m Madi I’m 16 years old, I live in the middle of no where. I became quite infatuated with fashion only a few years back. I make some of my own clothes and mainly upcycle old ones! I like to describe my style as Indie with a Boho twist to it. Here I’ll be posting my favorite looks, tips and DIY’s!

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